Model----DR-1500 QTI / ACT


    Some colors are available with maple fingerboards
 with black ISIS inlays.

   Colors I have made in the past.

 Faded blue denim, Tigers eye, Royal Blue Sapphire, Trans black  
   Green Quilt , 3 Tone sunburst , 2 tone sunburst ,
   Cherry sunburst, Lemon Drop,
   Plus light or dark Amber 

List Price:   DR1500 QTI ( Tremolo ) -- $874.99

Faded blue jeans

Tigers eye 

Dark Cherry sunburst                           Dark  Lemon drop ( Quilt Maple )

 Dark Royal Blue Sapphire   &  3 tone sunburst with gloss maple fingerboard

Green Seaweed Quilt

Vintage 2 tone with rosewood fingerboard

Vintage 2 tone sunburst with maple fingerboard

Aqua Marine Quilt 

Amber quilt


Custom ISIS Inlays