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Poster from the Whisky 


1969  "CASH BOX"  cover

John Vinci aka ,John Dillion   

My mother said I sang before I talked. I always loved music. When I was a young teenager I sang with numerous Doo Wop groups and in my late teens and early 20's I had  success with a group called "Illusion". We recorded 3 albums on Paramount's "Steed " records and played with some of the great bands of the time like Hendrix, The Who, The Vanilla Fudge,  Allman brothers , Mitch Ryder, Rascals, Chicago, Fleetwood Mac, Alice Cooper, Little Richard, BB King, Leon Russell, Mama Cass ,Hall and Oates and so many more.

Those were the good old Days..


 In my early 30's I was in a group called "Network" on Epic records. We were managed by the famous Tommy Mottola and did a world tour with Hall and Oates. You can check out some additional information on the Illusions official web site. http://distortedrock.tripod.com/

   I started selling musical equipment in the early 80's and worked for such guitar companies as Dean, B.C Rich, Guild and others. 

  Dillion guitars was founded in 1996. Dealers and consumers instantly started calling me John Dillion because I answered the phone and emails John "Dillion" Guitars
Hopefully you own one of my instruments and you are pleased with it and that's all I can hope for.

John Dillion today

Here is a old video from 1981




Cool video form a late 60's TV show


Here are a few endorses.

Jamie Seed with her DRSM-008E mandolin


Look who's playing the Dillion "Jazzmaker "  



Mike Slamer



Matt Dees from "The Fast Mothers"




"Great playing and looking guitars."



Artist: Trenton Perry of Alex and the XO's

Website: http://alexandthexos.net/


Check out this new band.




Jonni Lightfoot of "Air Supply"



" Masses be ware "


" Blacklist Union "


You got to check these guys out !



Check out Kenny of the Monroe's with his new DSE-533 cherry


Franky with his DR-450 

"These guitars sound and look great right out of the box."

extraordinary artist Eddie Bush

Check out his new single,

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I love it!

Guess who's on the cover of MUSIC CONNECTION???


Wild man George Koerber of "OVERLORD SR" and his Magellan Deluxe.



New videos 

Every guitar we tried played amazing right out of the box.


Dillion is proud to welcome Mark Odom to our fine family of indorses.


San Antonio Guitar Wars Winner
Listen to this song and you will know why.



Hi John,
I'm writing to tell you I've been using my Dillion DSE- 533 on the road and in the studio for the last several years. I think I you have a  great line of instruments . I have a Denmark tour coming up. www.missyandersen.com.   By the way, almost all of the tracks on the website are recorded with my Dillion .
Regards, Heine Andersen


Randy Michael's of the Booze With his left handed DVT-52




"My Dillion gold top plays as well as any other guitar I've played"

Junior Watson on the  DL600GT and DTT72

Brand new from




 I have been playing your guitars since I was in my first band nearly a decade ago. 
It is definitely an honor and a pleasure to be representing your company. 


Beatle tribute band "The band guys"

The NEM Project

One word for my Dillion "Sustain , sustain , sustain"!! That's 3 words ??

Check out this new video from "The Booze"
I think it's a hit and a must for your IPOD

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Here is a song I absolutely love with Tony Janflone playing lead guitar
Let me know what you think.

Young rocker Eddie Bush ( 1997 )   

  A great new band and video from Hungry
The Grenma
( Playing his DLJR-58 CA )


Kid Drew
Playing his Dillion USA "Lady Distress"


What People are saying about us

Dear Tony                                                                                                    

My friend, your guitar kicks my Gibson Les Paul Gold Top to the curb, spits on it, and shoves it
down the street. What an awesome axe your guys produce. You can quote me. With 35 years as a professional guitarist and lead singer, back-up for KC & The Sunshine Band in 1976, and lots of other credits to my name 
(can you say Neil?),
      Your craftsmen in Korea have it licked, stamped, and delivered  it for $2K less. What a piece of work. My new favorite guitar after only one session. I am ordering another DL 6500 F as soon as I get back in the country .



"These guitars sound and look great right out of the box."

extraordinary artist Eddie Bush

Check out his new single,

 copy and paste this link.


I love it!






Rhett Tyler   With a USA Dillion guitar he helped design and make.


Bob Acquaviva  http://www.myspace.com/BIGKRUSH
I loved Dillion the first time I played them and I still do.


Perfect Sound, Perfect Look; One of a kind!! Thank You Dillion For making it happen. www.AceRockBand.com


          David Frizzell

"This musical world I live in sometimes demands the best and Dillion Guitars fits right in"...
..  www,davidfrizzell.com


"Great playing, great looking and great sounding instruments, way to go John!"

Tony Janflone Jr, Dillion Artist


"Plays like butter, quite frankly it's the best guitar I've ever played"

Jim Tatum, entertainment columnist/musician, on the DL750

"I have had over 100 Les Paul's and this little 56 gold top copy is unreal!  I bought in Rome, GA while on tour.  This guitar just plain sounds great.  I've spent thousands on Les Paul's of this nature and I'm sorry to report that the Gibson version just cant compete with this copy."

Tracii Guns of LA Guns on the DL600GT


"These guitars blew me away the first time I put it in my hand"

Bobby Ferara on the  DL Extreme and the DL600GT

"If this guitar were ever stolen I'd hunt the SOB down, take whatever money he has and buy another Dillion."

Jason Greenly on the DG61

"The best value in electric and acoustic electric guitars I have ever seen or played."

Tony of Musicians Mate - Raleigh, NC musiciansmate@aol.com

"This guitar is the Tele from hell! I have owned numerous Fender Teles, this one blows them all away.  I used to be a dedicated Fender guy, but now I'm converted."

Andrew on Harmony Central on the DTT72

"Dillion's bring a whole new dimension to the music industry."

Blind Fate Enterprises, VA

For many more unsolicited comments from players and dealers, 
don't miss the musicians reviews on Harmony Central.

We could go on and on with quotes from around the country. but the only way to experience this phenomenon is to own a Dillion Guitar of your own.

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