I am proud to announce my band The Illusion and I were inducted into the L I 
Music hall of fame on 10/7/23. I have been waiting 20 years for this honor..
There were many TV spots here are 2



Since I could not be there Here is a video on Youtube that they played  before the band played.


Here are just some of the current inductees .I think you will be impressed with the quality of musicians that are in the hall. like
Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Billy Joel, Kiss, Neil Diamond and even Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett Just to name a few.


Here are some pictures of the hall of fame



Here is the award. 


Thanks for watching

Johnny V


About John Dillion

Circa 1968 


Here are 3 of the illusion Album covers 
From the late 60's early 70"s

1969  "CASH BOX"  cover

John Vinci aka ,John Dillion   

My mother said I sang before I talked. I always loved music. When I was a young teenager I sang with numerous Doo Wop groups and in my late teens and early 20's I had  success with a group called "Illusion". We recorded 3 albums on Paramount's "Steed " records and played with some of the great bands of the time like Hendrix, The Who, The Vanilla Fudge,  Allman brothers , Mitch Ryder, Rascals, Chicago, Fleetwood Mac, Alice Cooper, Little Richard, BB King, Leon Russell, Mama Cass ,Hall and Oates and so many more.

Here are some posters from the " Good old Days "..





 In my early 30's I was in a group called "Network" on Epic records. We were managed by the famous Tommy Mottola and did a world tour with Hall and Oates. You can check out some additional information on the Illusions official website. http://distortedrock.tripod.com/

Here is our album cover on Epic records.

   I started selling musical equipment in the early 80's and worked for such guitar companies as Dean, B.C Rich, Guild and others. 

  Dillion guitars was founded in 1996. Dealers and consumers instantly started calling me John Dillion because I answered the phone and emails John "Dillion" Guitars
Hopefully you own one of my instruments and you are pleased with it and that's all I can hope for.

John Dillion 2019

Here are some old videos from 1981




Cool video form a late 60's TV show



Here is my latest compellation of all my favorite songs with a few that were never released.
If you want to buy one , let me know. I may have a few lying around.

Here are a few more pictures from the 60's

I hope you enjoyed a trip into my past with me.

John Vinci