A few Dillion Guitar reviews

I received the Dillion guitar today. One word AWESOME!!!!!!!!. I was thinking about a Gibson but there is no point now. This guitar does everything I want and more. If I ever need another guitar, I will get  a Dillion. This guitar is a real steal and so was the case., Again,  thanks a million, Dennis

I have been playing acoustic guitars since 1966 and electrics since 1976. Never had trouble finding an acoustic I liked but electrics have been more difficult for me. It dawned on me the other day that I have never held on to an electric guitar as long as I have my Dillion Gold Top with P90s !!!!!  Just thought I would pass that on to you since your name is on this guitar. I bought the guitar on Ebay in July, 2008 and we are now 4.5 years into it; never changed a thing but the strings. Everything about this guitar just keeps me coming back for more and I cannot say that about any other electric I have ever owned (including Fender, Rickenbacker, Gibson, Schecter, Carvin, Guild, Kramer, Ibanez, ESP and plenty of others made by what many think of us manufacturers of great guitars).

Keep up the great work, Dennis Compton

Dear Mr. Dillion I bought a Dillion bass in 2011.It is this reason I asked myself how to get your name out there so musicians can consider your product over others. I started playing bass at 12 years of age, I am now 48 and till a few weeks ago never heard of Dillion, my misfortune, had I . I would have been buying them for years . I have 13 bass guitars and none have the comfort and quality I found in yours. I never write companies about their product but have always felt if some one has good quality merchandise for a fair price its always worth letting them know.  Thanks Blake R Wentworth

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RE: Dillion DL650TG Submitted by mike 

"I love this guitar. I've tried to give it a critical review but I cant find anything that I don't like about it. John Dillion is the MAN!!! These are definitely the best guitars around for a fraction of the price of the "Other Guys" guitars."

RE: Dillion DL650

Submitted byjtpark 

"If this guitar was stolen, I would definitely buy another. This guitar is awesome, and is worth every penny. Until I can afford to throw away three to four grand on a Gibson, I am satisfied with the Dillion. If you want a guitar to play, rather than spend a small fortune for an investment( Gibson), Dillion is the way to go. The sound is perfect for blues/rock."

RE: Dillion DR500

Submitted by roag jones 

" I shopped about 4 months for a good arch top and the Dillion DR500, stacked up against every Gibson I tried. I've been playing for 10 years. I would need to get another Dillion if it ever lost it. I've never played any guitar this sweet, the guitar just flows."

RE: Dillion J135CEA

Submitted by Martin 

"I love the adaptability of playing this guitar and it LOOKS GREAT! People come up to me and want to look at this guitar. It has a simple grace to it. I did compare it to Ovations and Epiphone's before I bought it. I am really happy with it."

RE: Dillion DL65

Submitted by Tracil Guns

"Wow!!!!!! I Have had over 100 Les Paul's and This little 56 Goldtop copy is unreal. I bought it in Rome Georgia while on tour. I play hard rock and blues.  I use Marshall's and Fenders. This guitar just plain sounds great.  It doesn't hum or have annoying feedback problems. I have spent thousands on Les Paul's of this nature and I am sorry to report that the Gibson version just cant compete with this copy."

RE: \Dillion DR450

Submitted by Glenn L. Moreau

"BUY THIS GUITAR if you can find one!!! If you want a PRS, don't waste your money, it's only a name. This guitar excels!!!!!"


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Submitted by The Green Man 

"At fist glance, this guitar looks like a well made Ovation clone. Upon further review, it is better made, better sounding, better looking, and less expensive. I love this guitar. I've been playing for around 8 years and this is my favorite guitar ever."

RE: Dillion DL750

Submitted by Anonymous 

"These guitars may be the best kept secret on the market. I had brought this guitar and a Dillion PRS copy to a friend of mine who is a professional musician { he has an expensive PRS} He about cried when I told him what I had paid for the Dillion. I hang with Pro musicians and every one of them have been floored by these guitars. If it was stolen I would buy another one, as a matter of fact I plan to start collecting all of them"

RE: Dillion DMG75

Submitted by Anonymous 

"i have been playing for about 7 years and have had a few guitars and am most satisfied with this one. i would replace it if something happened to it. i would recommend this model over the univox mosrites. that is all, ROCK ON!!!!!!!"

RE: Dillion DR500

Submitted by Keith Harper 

"If it was stolen would I buy another ? Why Wait ! I'm now looking for a Dillion DR450, the hollow body version. I have seen other PRS copy's, the Samick and so forth, and they just do not come close, even at double the money. If you want this style of guitar, try a Dillion. If you have trouble finding one, talk to John Dillion, and I'm sure he'll help you."

RE: Dillion DL600GT

Submitted by WOLF a

"I love the way I feel when I play it it's hard for a man that's been playing 30 yr's to feel like a kid again... but my gold top bring's out lick's I never knew I had:)) DON'T BUY DILLION. I WANT THEM ALL:)))LOL"

RE: Dillion DL650

"When I e-mailed the company for dealers, I received an e-mail from none other than John Dillion himself NOW WE'RE TALKING! I like that."

RE: Dillion J260CEA

Submitted by Cas Ogorek 

"I have been using this guitar heavily since I got it 6 months ago. It still looks brand new ~nd I'm pretty hard on my guitars. Definitely a dependable instrument.